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To help prevent loss of human life in a workplace shooting incident, companies and individual employees must take steps to plan and prepare for these types of events. This active shooter training course helps members of management and Human Resources (HR) prepare employees for a potential threat incident. It also provides guidance to help the company—and those who have survived such an incident—recover from the tragedy. The eLearning course covers the following topics: Preparedness Workplace Violence Prevention Program Threat Assessment Risk Assessment Emergency Action Plan Practice Drills Go Bags Working with Law Enforcement Recovery Recovering from an Incident Counseling Communication Memorials Read More

Tirador activo/Amenaza activa: preparación organizativa y recuperación Para ayudar a prevenir la pérdida de vidas humanas en un incidente de tiroteo en el lugar de trabajo, las empresas y los empleados individuales deben tomar medidas para planificar y prepararse para este tipo de eventos. Este curso de formación de tirador activo ayuda a los miembros de la dirección y de Recursos Humanos (RR.HH.) a preparar a los empleados para un posible incidente de amenaza. También proporciona orientación para ayudar a la empresa, ya aquellos que han sobrevivido a un incidente de este tipo, a recuperarse de la tragedia. El curso de eLearning cubre los siguientes temas: Preparación Programa de prevención de la violencia en el lugar de trabajo Evaluación de amenazas Evaluación de riesgos Plan de acción de emergencia Ejercicios de práctica Ir bolsas Trabajar con las fuerzas del orden Recuperación Recuperarse de un incidente Asesoramiento Comunicación Memoriales Read More

Educate your employees on maintaining a healthy back and taking preventive measures to avoid back injuries. This course: Helps your employees understand the basic principles of back health and the most common prevention practices to avoiding a back injury Covers proper techniques that should be used when lifting/lowering, sitting, standing, pushing, pulling, climbing, twisting, reaching and overreaching Explores real-world scenarios of routine tasks common in most workplaces, as well as how they can be done correctly and safely Offers essential back injury prevention tips featuring various stretches and exercises aimed at improving flexibility, stamina and overall back health Read More

This course teaches employees when and how to use fire extinguishers. It covers regulations 29 CFR 1910.157 (Portable Fire Extinguishers). It also helps employees assess the situation and decide the best course of action (evacuate and report the fire or try to put out the fire using a fire extinguisher) to keep themselves and those around them safe. Topics include: Classifications and Types Classes of Fire (A, B, C, D, K, ABC/BC) Fire Extinguisher Parts (operating lever/button, locking pin, carrying handle, pressure indicator gauge, hose, cylinder, label, nozzle/discharge horn) Using a Fire Extinguisher Precautions (call fire department, evacuate building, fire is confined, source is known, safe exit, right type of extinguisher, trained in using it) PASS Technique (pull, aim, squeeze, sweep) Read More

Este curso les enseña a los empleados cuándo y cómo usar los extintores de incendios. Cubre las regulaciones 29 CFR 1910.157 (Extintores portátiles de incendios). También ayuda a los empleados a evaluar la situación y decidir el mejor curso de acción (evacuar y reportar el incendio o tratar de apagar el fuego con un extintor de incendios) para mantenerse a sí mismos y a quienes los rodean a salvo. Los temas incluyen: Clasificaciones y tipos Clases de fuego (A, B, C, D, K, ABC / BC) Piezas del extintor de incendios (palanca / botón de operación, pasador de bloqueo, asa de transporte, manómetro indicador de presión, manguera, cilindro, etiqueta, boquilla / bocina de descarga) Usar un extintor de incendios Precauciones (llamar al departamento de bomberos, evacuar el edificio, el fuego está confinado, se conoce la fuente, salida segura, tipo correcto de extintor, capacitado para usarlo) Técnica PASS (tirar, apuntar, apretar, barrer) Read More

By taking this course, supervisors gain a better understanding of what to do when FMLA situations arise in their workplace, which helps ensure that they are responding appropriately to their employees’ various FMLA issues. This course has been updated with the February 2013 amendment regarding specifics relating to military family leave under FMLA. This course covers the following topics: Introduction What is the FMLA The Purpose of FMLA FMLA Basics FMLA Basics FMLA Basics Under the Act Who is Eligible for FMLA Leave? Military Exigencies Qualifying Military Exigencies Qualifying Health Conditions and Leave Qualifying Health Conditions & Leave Minor Illness FMLA Leave Intermittent Leave Reduce Schedule Leave Examples State Laws Supervisor Role Supervisor Role Supervisor Importance FMLA and Paid Leave Determining Qualifying Absences Read More

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