Active Shooter/Active Threat: How to Survive

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50 mins

Jesse Carleton

04 Oct 2021



To help prevent loss of human life in a workplace shooting incident, companies and individual employees must take steps to plan and prepare for these types of events.

This active shooter training course helps empower employees to anticipate and recognize an active shooter/threat situation and respond appropriately and immediately if they are ever faced with one. Specifically, it covers the warning signs of workplace violence, how to recognize the presence of a threat, the best course of action to take based on individual abilities and location, and the steps individuals should follow when law enforcement arrives.

Length: 50 minutes

  • The eLearning course covers the following topics:
    • Be Prepared
      • Introduction to Shooting Incidents
      • Workplace Violence Indicators
      • We Are Not All Victims
      • Signs of a Shooting in Progress
    • Responding to an Active Shooter Situation
      • Assess the Situation
      • Avoiding the Threat
      • Denying the Active Shooter's Access to You
      • Defending Yourself Against the Shooter
    • What's Next
      • When Police Arrive at the Scene
      • After the Incident


After completing this active shooter training course, employees will be able to:

  • Describe warning signs of potential workplace violence
  • Discuss how to properly prepare themselves for a threat situation
  • Recognize signs that an active threat is near
  • Identify the best course of action to take if confronted with a workplace shooter and execute the plan
  • Explain what to do when police arrive on the scene


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Course Completion - New

Active Shooter/Active Threat: How to Survive
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