Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees

6 courses

06 Oct 2021



Sexual harassment training helps all employees—including bystanders—address unwanted and unlawful sexual harassment in the workplace, and learn how to respond if an unfortunate event does occur.

NOTE: The training provided by NHPA is meant to give you a convenient and affordable option for general sexual harassment prevention training. However, some states have specific requirements about the sexual harassment prevention training employers must provide their employees that may not be covered here. Refer to the attached document "HR Training Requirements" for a brief overview of requirements for specific states. 

You may also refer to the JJ Keller website for further information. 

This course includes the following modules (also available for individual purchase):

  • Module 1: What is Sexual Harassment? Sexual harassment training helps learners understand what sexual harassment is, where it can happen, who it can happen to, and possible consequences for all involved. 
  • Module 2: Civility in the Workplace. This module helps learners understand what is crossing the line when it comes to sexual harassment, how to treat others with respect and hold each other accountable, and how to put an end to "normalizing"
  • Module 3: Taking Action. This module helps bystanders understand how to stop the harassment, console the victim, document the situation, and report it to the appropriate people.
  • Module 4: Addressing Harassment. This module helps learners determine if something is considered sexual harassment, how to confront the harasser, how to document the situation, how to follow workplace policy and how to take the situation to the next level if necessary.
  • Module 5: What Happens Next? This module helps learners understand what happens after a sexual harassment situation has been reported, possible retaliation situations and how to move on afterward.
  • Module 7: Additional Training for Retail Environments. This module helps management understand that preventing sexual harassment starts with them, and teaches them out to respond to a report and how to move on afterward.


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