Sexual Harassment Prevention Module 7: Additional Training for Retail Environments

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20 mins

Jesse Carleton

05 Oct 2021


Sexual harassment training helps learners identify and respond to sexual harassment in the retail industry.

Nearly one in six charges of sexual harassment filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) comes from the retail industry, according to EEOC. Due to the public-facing and decentralized nature of the work, retail employees are uniquely vulnerable to sexual harassment.

These experiences can take an emotional, psychological, and physical toll on employees, resulting in high turnover, low morale, and lost productivity. In addition, companies that fail to address claims of sexual harassment can suffer costly court cases, negative publicity, and reputation damage.

There are multiple definitions of sexual harassment, and all of them contain a degree of subjectivity. Recognize that sexual harassment is not a black and white issue because it involves subjective experiences. This training session will help you identify behaviors that constitute sexual harassment and techniques you can use in response to those behaviors to help keep your workplace respectful and safe.

This online course is designed to help identify and respond to sexual harassment in the retail industry. Specifically, this training will teach employees how to recognize illegal behavior from coworkers and customers, and how to respond in the unfortunate event that it does occur.

NOTE: The training provided by NHPA is meant to give you a convenient and affordable option for general sexual harassment prevention training. However, some states have specific requirements about the sexual harassment prevention training employers must provide their employees that may not be covered here. Refer to the attached document "HR Training Requirements" for a brief overview of requirements for specific states. 

You may also refer to the JJ Keller website for further information. 

This online course helps learners understand what sexual harassment is, where it can happen, who it can happen to, and possible consequences for all involved.

The eLearning course covers the following topics:

  • It Can Happen Anywhere
    • Possible relationships to those involved
    • Examples of possible harassers
  • Recognize Normalizing
    • How normalizing presents itself in retail
    • How to reduce normalizing
  • How Can You Take Action?
    • Bystander setup
    • IDEA Anti-Harassment Actions
      • Intervene
      • Direct
      • Elevate
      • Approach


After completing this sexual harassment training course, learners will be able to:

  • Recognize Normalizing in the retail industry
  • Explain how to respond to harassment by choosing an appropriate IDEA Anti-Harassment Action


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Course Completion - New

Sexual Harassment Prevention: Additional Training for Retail Environments
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HR Training Requirements
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