Workplace Safety

4 courses

06 Oct 2021



High-level overview of important workplace safety topics covering procedures an employee should follow in the event of an emergency. This course includes the following modules (also available for individual purchase):

  • Module 1: Work Practices. This program is designed to provide learners with a high-level overview of a number of workplace safety tips & safety topics. Specifically, it covers an introduction to generic safe work practices.
  • Module 2: Work Environment. This module covers an introduction to various engineering controls that can be used to create a safe work environment. Topics include hazard communication, safety signs and tags, electrical safety, fire safety, confined spaces, hot work and temperature extremes.
  • Module 3: Safe Use of Equipment. This module covers an introduction to the safe use of tools and equipment. Topics include hand and power tools, ladders, machinery, powered industrial trucks and lockout/tagout.
  • Module 4: In Case of Emergency. This module covers what an employee should do in the event an emergency occurs. Topics include emergency action plans, first aid/emergency response, bloodborne pathogens, HAZWOPER, workplace violence and medical records.


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